Women’s Hair Loss Causes

While hair loss restoration is a topic typically aimed towards men, there are more women out there suffering from hair loss and hair thinning than individuals are normally aware of. It is an issue that affects nearly 40% of women by the age of 50. And, although 40% of hair loss patients are women, it is not talked about as often or as in depth.

At The Hair Loss Center, we recognize that the ignorance surrounding female hair loss is an issue that needs to be corrected. This is a condition that affects many of our patients, and we want to reassure them that they are not alone. In order to better understand the causes and treatment options available for female hair loss, we have listed a few common conditions below.


Hair loss in women can oftentimes be tied back to genes that are prominent in a family. When visiting a hair loss professional, they will dive into your family background in order to determine where the issue may stem from.

If your mother, grandmother, aunts, or any cousins have had similar issues in the past, it is very possible that the hair loss is not something you can control. However, there are solutions out there! The most effective in our experience is the implementation of NeoGrafting techniques.

Poor Habits

While many women are not aware of it, certain hairstyles and hair care habits can certainly cause hair loss if done repeatedly. According to professionals who specialize in the area of hair loss, balding may occur due to the prolonged use of braids, dreadlocks, cornrows, poor extensions, or even ponytails that are tied too tightly.

High Volumes of Stress

As with many other health issues, complications often present themselves suddenly in an individual’s life when they are experiencing unusual amounts of stress or undergoing some form of trauma.

Stress may be caused by countless factors in your life, but it is commonly due to the passing of a loved one, a change in education or career, or a drastic alteration in eating habits, amongst many other scenarios.

Prescription Medications

Many prescription pills that women utilize on a regular basis may cause serious side effects. One of the most common is birth control. Because these pills are introducing hormones into the body that may have not been present in the past or to a lesser extent, unusually occurrences in the body may occur. One such side effect can very well be hair loss.

Now, this does not mean that you should throw out your birth control pills and pin the blame on the contraceptive immediately, but it would be wise to seek a medical opinion. Schedule a visit with your medical provider and explore whether your birth control pills, amongst other medications, may be the cause behind your sudden hair loss.

Treatment Options

Don’t be fooled into believing that there is no hair loss solution for women on the market. While it is not always advertised appropriately, most hair loss solutions that are targeted at men can also be used on women. They oftentimes are just as effective and provide similar results.

At The Hair Loss Center, we highly recommend NeoGraft to all of our patients, regardless of gender. This hair restoration treatment is sought after by many individuals, as its results are very real and undeniable.

FUE Technique

NeoGraft is unlike any other hair loss treatment option on the market right now. This minimally invasive procedure utilizes the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, the most advanced method in the hair transplant industry, to deliver incredible results with absolutely no scar or trace that the procedure was even performed in the first place. It is the first follicular unit harvesting and implantation system to be approved by the FDA.

For women who have desperately searched for hair restoration solutions in the past, you may have come across a few procedures that sound like torture rather than a beacon of light.

One such technique is known as strip harvesting. During strip harvesting, a professional typically removes a large section of scalp through a skin incision to the back of the patient’s head. The follicles from that strip are then implanted in the desired location on the scalp where hair is not able to grow

This method leaves a permanent, linear scar on the back of the patient’s head that can cause significant embarrassment when noticed by friends, family, and acquaintances.

Treat Embarrassing Hair Loss The Right Way!

Many women are completely put off by trying any sort of hair restoration treatment after learning about options such as these. The last thing an individual wants is a glaring, permanent scar that will be even more cause for embarrassment and insecurity. The goal in treating balding and thinning is to find a solution that is as subtle and natural as possible.

As you can see, female hair loss is similar to male hair loss in many ways. You may be wondering, if that is the case, then why is one more openly and often discussed over the other? In many instances, this situation may arise due to the negative stigma and unrealistic expectations surrounding feminine beauty.

Because individuals do not speak about female hair loss more often, the data we have surrounding this issue may not even be accurate. As of right now, it is known that nearly half of the patients in the United States suffering from hair loss and thinning are women. However, that percentage may be even higher if women were to break their silence and seek help.

Are you a woman who is suffering from hair loss or thinning? Don’t suffer in silence any longer. The Hair Loss Center has access to the tools and treatment options you need to find the solution you desire. Our attentive staff is composed of experts who truly care about the wellbeing of our patients and want to do everything within their power to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

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