The nature of the NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology allows for Dr. Longwill to focus on the artistic side of hair transplantation as opposed to the technology and treatment. This allows for discrete, uniform, and natural looking hair transplant outcome.

Before the introduction of NeoGraft, patients were right to feel a bit leerier when considering a hair transplantation treatment. Worries about linear scarring were a common concern among patients. There were methods to minimize scarring, but if a patient elected to wear a hair style short enough, unseemly scarring would still be visible in the donor area.

With Neograft’s introduction as a viable treatment for hair loss, a patient can now receive natural looking hair transplant results with absolutely no linear scarring on the donor site.

NeoGraft Hair Transplantation

Using the FUE for the NeoGraft procedure enables the physicians from The Hair Loss Center to extract precise individual follicles from donor areas. Unlike traditional hair transplantation methods where large strips of hair and scalp would be removed to prepare for transplantation, the use of Neograft is a focused and precise method, leaving surrounding tissues intact, and undamaged.

A small side effect after the NeoGraft procedure, patients may see tiny red dots appearing on their scalp throughout the shaved donor area. This is a minor cosmetic side-effect of FUE usage and a far greater alternative to that of traditional hair transplantation treatments stitch lines and scarring. In the days following the hair restoration treatment, the hair located at the donor area will begin to grow out again, leaving any evidence of the procedure virtually unnoticeable.

The NeoGraft treatment has allowed Dr. Longwill and her team to provide patients with the most discrete option available for hair transplant treatment at The Hair Loss Center. We can now treat our patients ensuring no visible linear scarring, and allowing them to wear their hair as short as they like with no anxiety about ugly scarring.

The before and after photos we have put on display show some of the spectacular results that can only be achieved through the use of NeoGraft provided from The Hair Loss Center. The patients presented have been able to achieve unparalleled results they never thought were possible.

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