The Hair Loss Center Miami

The Hair Loss Center Miami

There are several reasons that thinning and lost hair can begin to occur. Family history, preexisting medical conditions, reactions to medications, and changes in your hormones can all contribute to hair loss, and when looking for potential solutions to the problem it is fairly common to find an equivalent amount of superstition as actual medically bolstered treatment information.

Hair loss often creates what some view as an unfortunate cosmetic look. Though some are able to pull off the “bald look”, if you’re used to having beautiful, flowing locks of hair, then starting to notice that your hair may be thinning can be a frightening proposition.

The team at the Hair Loss Center of the Miami Center for Dermatology certainly understands how scary it can be to start experiencing hair thinning, or hair loss, and offer a variety of thinning hair treatments to aid our patients that are experiencing hair loss.

Our medical professionals appreciate the delicacy an issue like thinning and lost hair can have on the self-esteem of patients. The important thing to remember is that not all is lost; our team has worked hard assisting patients suffering from hair loss. No matter what the reason, our Hair Loss Center has a solution to assist in the defense against lost and thinning hair.

Bring Back Your Beautiful Hair

We all deserve to love the way that we look. Hair loss is an unfortunate affliction that happens to many people all across the country and can have some devastating effects on the confidence of individuals. Luckily there are several treatments and hair products to stop hair loss available from qualified dermatologists to aid people just like you in regaining natural looking hair.

A lush, healthy head of hair can be a primary source of confidence for many individuals, and it can be very shocking when you’ve started to notice that your hair is thinning. Regardless of the cause of your hair loss, regaining a beautiful, natural-looking hairline is not a hopeless endeavor.  There are options available to combat this issue.

Regrow Natural Hair with Neograft

One of our most popular resources in fighting hair loss is Neograft, a minimally invasive treatment. Neograft hair restoration uses a method known as Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. The process involves removing hair from healthy growing areas of your body and relocating the follicles to the problem areas where hair is thinning or will not grow. The FUE extracts up to 1,500 hair follicles in a single session making small and precise incisions, creating a natural and uniform appearance of your hairline. The nature of this treatment allows for immediate results and leaves no scar tissue. The area of transplanted hair will grow naturally once it takes hold and it will appear as if we were never there.

What is the Procedure Like?

You’ll have an initial consultation with a hair loss dermatologist to go over what to expect from the treatment, how it can help you, and a donor site will be selected from a part of your body that has natural and healthy growing hair.

Once the procedure begins, one of our certified hair doctors will begin to extract the follicles from the selected area. The hair doctor will inspect the follicles to ensure that are relatively even in consistency to optimize the chances of transfer acceptance to the new area, making sure that they will take hold in the new area.

When the follicles have been removed, the specialist implants the hair in the recipient area, oriented properly with the proper angle and direction ensuring that the transplant looks as natural as possible. When the follicles are implanted, they grow as naturally as the old hair once did, creating the most natural and full look you could possibly ask for. The only thing that people will be noticing is how great your fresh grown head of hair looks!

Our favorite part of the Neograft treatment is the minimal downtime involved due to the noninvasive nature of the procedure, allowing you to return to your normal life in a matter of no time.

The Hair Loss Center, Dermatology for Hair Loss

Dr. Deborah Longwill DO, FAOCD. and the team at the Hair Loss Center are able to manipulate and choose the placement of every follicle and are extremely efficient at cultivating a natural curve to your hairline and offering the best treatment for hair growth possible. We are firm believers in dermatology for hair loss and the noninvasive procedures of Neograft treatment.

Dr. Longwill and the team at the Miami Center for Dermatology believe in holistic medicine in treating patients, focusing more on a comprehensive treatment regimen as opposed to treating the symptoms of an ailment or disorder. The ultimate goal no matter how we approach treatment is ensuring that you feel better, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. Ultimately our doctors care about your well-being and want you to feel good about the way you look and therefore have better confidence and self-esteem.

So many of our successes in life can be attributed to the way we feel about ourselves. The façade we put forward is a direct window to our souls, our intentions, the way we feel about whatever endeavor we may be undertaking, and we want you to approach these situations with poise, and a solid belief in yourself. That is why the professionals at the Miami Center for Dermatology do what we do offering solutions and viable dermatology for hair loss to our patients, and setting them on the path to regaining confidence lost within themselves.