Hair Replacement Treatment

How Does Neograft Restore Your Hair?

Hair Replacement Treatment

Many individuals who suffer from hair loss or thinning are under the impression that they must remain that way for the rest of their lives. It is easy to lose hope when put into a situation such as this, but there are solutions. An effective Hair Replacement Treatment can re-ignite the growing process on your scalp and give you back the healthy locks you’ve been missing! Read More

Neograft treatment in Miami

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NeoGraft Treatment in Miami

If you are suffering from hair loss, then you understand as well as anyone how much the affliction can affect your confidence and self-esteem. There is a multitude of hair restoration techniques out there, but none are as easily performed, or as effective as the NeoGraft procedure. This minimally invasive, FDA-approved treatment is unique from any other. Rather than use fake hair plug, NeoGraft uses your own, naturally growing hair, ensuring your restoration looks natural. Other treatments utilize less effective methods to try and regrow hair, but at The Hair Loss Center, our professionals provide NeoGraft treatment in Miami to everyone, producing incredible, lasting results. Read More