Hair Loss Treatment

When we refer to NeoGraft treatment as a unique hair loss treatment unlike any other, we really mean it. There is a reason why its popularity has skyrocketed, and so many individuals in the public eye are turning to the procedure as a hair loss solution.

Neografting is far superior in comparison to outdated, traditional hair restoration treatments like strip harvesting.

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Strip Harvesting

During a strip harvesting procedure, a professional typically removes a large section of the scalp by making a skin incision at the back of a patient’s head. The follicles from the strip are then implanted in the desired location on the scalp where hair is unable to grow.

The hair grafting method leaves a permanent, linear scar on the back of the patient’s head that can be quite embarrassing when noticed by friends, family, and coworkers. We view this method as far too barbaric for modern times, especially with more suitable procedures available for treatment of hair loss.

NeoGraft Benefits

Instead, countless individuals are turning to Neografting. Just of a few of the many benefits of choosing NeoGraft as your hair restoration treatment include:

  • No incision site
  • No scar left after treatment
  • Safe and painless procedure
  • Quick recovery time
  • Real, long-lasting results
  • Hair is full and natural in appearance

While it is true that a tool is useless without a skillful hand in control of it, NeoGraft uses a Follicular Extraction Unit (FUE), an incredible device that has made amazing advances in the field of hair transplantation. At The Hair Loss Center, you can take advantage of both a reliable professional and an innovative, cutting-edge tool.

Other FUE devices do exist on the market, but our team swears by the precision and power possessed by the NeoGraft method. All the years of research and advancements in the practice of hair restoration have led to the creation of this device.

One of our favorite parts of the NeoGraft procedure is that the treatment promotes and focuses on the body growing its hair normally once the follicles have set in their new location. Because the follicles are your own, taken from a donor area on your body, the treatment can even be referred to as a natural remedy for hair loss.

Through our experience in implementing this technique on countless patients, we can confidently say that Neografting is a beacon of light for many individuals who had otherwise given up on restoring their once beautiful head of hair.

Our professionals work hard to ensure that every patient that comes through our doors leaves happy, and satisfied.

Miami Hair Loss Center

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