Hair Growth Procedure

Now, you may be wondering, how exactly does this procedure work? It is actually quite simple. One of our professionals at The Hair Loss Center will first schedule an appointment to evaluate your condition and provide treatment options.

We understand that no two cases are the same. What may work for one patient with a certain condition may not work for another. We want to ensure that each procedure is effective and catered to your specific needs.

During this evaluation, a donor site will be chosen. This donor site will act as the area of the scalp in which hair follicles will be targeted. A NeoGraft specialist will carefully extract the hair follicles individually.

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Using this gentle process and specialized tool, the grafts are removed swiftly and masterfully. The scalp remains intact throughout the procedure and does not suffer due to unnecessary incision, as is unfortunately the case with several other hair transplant procedures on the market.

Once the follicles have been extracted, they are gathered and inspected. Follicles can greatly vary in size, and it is usually helpful to arrange and group the donor follicles based on these factors. This will allow the NeoGraft expert to implant the follicles in a manner that appears natural and follows the pattern set by the rest of your hair.

Hair Transplant Preparation

In preparation for the transplant, recipient sites are determined. In other words, our team will strategically decide on the best way to implant the collected follicles, taking into consideration direction, orientation, and angle.

The gathered hair follicles are then transferred to the area where growth is desired utilizing the NeoGraft no-touch, follicle implantation method. With the help of appropriate tools, the follicles are carefully placed into the scalp area one by one.

This safe delivery technique is repeated until all the follicles that were previously harvested are transplanted into their predetermined areas. Where they are placed depends heavily on both the individual performing the procedure and the desired results on the part of the patient.

While the NeoGraft tool is incredible in its own regard, a procedure wouldn’t be successful without the skill and attention of a professional. Not just anyone can grab a Neograft tool and perform a transplant without prior knowledge of how to properly handle the device.

At The Hair Loss Center, we make sure that our team is thoroughly trained in utilizing NeoGraft techniques and is up to date with the best, most effective procedures. This background and experience allows our professionals to help our patients achieve their hair restoration goals.

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