Hair Loss Cure

Are You a Woman Dealing with Hair Loss? You Are Not Alone!

Hair Loss Cure

Losing hair as a woman can be embarrassing, lower your self-esteem, and it is mainly unheard of. If you are suffering from hair loss as a woman, you may feel like you are alone. However, women account for a significant portion of hair loss patients, with tens of millions of women suffering from pattern baldness. Although society has largely decided to ignore the problem, The Hair Loss Center can provide women with the Hair Loss Cure they have been looking for. No matter the type of hair you have or its length we can help restore it!

NeoGraft, our Hair Loss Cure treatment, can effectively restore your hair more effectively and with fewer treatments than other hair loss procedures. It utilizes the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique to harvest hair follicles from other parts of your body and places them where needed on the scalp. This means that you will have natural and long lasting results. Unlike other techniques such as strip harvesting, NeoGraft does not leave any permanent scarring or unnatural looking results. Since the FUE is attached to a machine and has more precision than a doctor’s hands, it will leave behind no lasting scars or discomfort.

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Since the FUE extracts your own hair and places it on the scalp, your Hair Loss Cure results will look completely natural, so no one can even tell that you had a treatment done in the first place. In a typical NeoGraft procedure about 1500 hair follicles can be extracted, so you will need fewer treatments to see the results that you want. Whether you are a woman or have longer hair, you will see results with NeoGraft. Dr. Deborah Longwill has decades of experience with cosmetic dermatology and knows which procedures and techniques to use for her patients.

At The Hair Loss Center, we want to provide women with the best Hair Loss Cure. Pattern baldness is not often spoken about when it comes to women, although many of them have been affected by it. Our NeoGraft procedure uses your own hair to give natural and long lasting results. With no permanent scarring or discomfort, this is the best treatment available.

Hair Loss in Women

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