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How Effective is the NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatment?

Best Hair Restoration Doctor

Not having a full head of hair, especially in the Summer, can be a huge blow to your confidence and self-esteem. There are many procedures and treatments that claim to provide effective, lasting hair regrowth. However, they usually leave behind ugly scars and give you fake hair plugs that do not look natural. At The Hair Loss Center, our Best Hair Restoration Doctor uses the NeoGraft treatment to provide patients with natural, lasting results. Your hairline will look completely natural and no one will be able to know that a treatment happened at all!

NeoGraft works by using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) tool to extract hair follicles from other parts of your body and places them on your scalp where they are needed most. This way, the hair that grows back on your head is all natural, and yours. Rather than use hair plugs that can become painful or look completely unnatural, our Best Hair Restoration Doctor will provide you with lasting results that look natural. The FUE can extract up to 1,500 follicles in a single session, so you will not need to have as many. It is very precise as well, so it leaves behind no visible scarring.

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Even if you are a woman or have longer hair, our Best Hair Restoration Doctor can utilize the NeoGraft procedure to restore your hair. Our procedure is great for those who lead busy lives because it does not require you to recover for very long. Often, you can return to work and your regular schedule the very next day. Compared to other procedures, NeoGraft is definitely a no-brainer. Dangerous methods such as strip harvesting, and using fake hair plugs are now a thing of the past. Our doctors will make sure that your restored hair looks, feels, and is completely natural.

At The Hair Loss Center, our Best Hair Restoration Doctor will work with you to restore your hair. No matter what kind of hair it is, our NeoGraft procedure can help you regrow your natural hairline. With little recovery time and no visible scars left behind, this is truly the best hair restoration treatment available.

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