Hair Replacement Treatment

How Does Neograft Restore Your Hair?

Hair Replacement Treatment

Many individuals who suffer from hair loss or thinning are under the impression that they must remain that way for the rest of their lives. It is easy to lose hope when put into a situation such as this, but there are solutions. An effective Hair Replacement Treatment can re-ignite the growing process on your scalp and give you back the healthy locks you’ve been missing!

At the Hair Loss Center, we utilize a Hair Replacement Treatment that has proven to be effective and useful to countless patients in the past. This treatment is known as NeoGraft. If you have not heard about one of the most innovative techniques currently on the market, NeoGraft is a hair replacement method unlike any other of its kind.

While the practice of hair replacement has been around for quite some time, there have always been many setbacks that have made the procedure less than desirable to those in need of a hair loss solution. The major concern amongst these patients is that a traditional hair transplant leaves behind a very large and unsightly, permanent scar. That means that although hair will regrow in portions where it is needed, the extraction site will never be the same.

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You can’t blame patients from shying away from a procedure that will fix one problem but create another. The goal of a hair loss procedure is to produce natural results that will not appear jarring or unrealistic. Leaving behind such a noticeable scar will make it very obvious that the person has had a procedure done and some individuals do not wish to disclose that information to everyone.

However, NeoGraft has completely revolutionized the process of hair replacement. It is proven to be much more effective than its predecessors and does not leave behind a scar. Using specialized tools and techniques, this hair loss method is appealing to a broad spectrum of patients.  

The Hair Loss Center is dedicated to helping you find an effective solution for your hair loss condition. We recognize the importance a full, healthy head of hair has over the wellbeing of an individual and strive to achieve results that will allow our patients to look and feel their best.

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